Welcome partner!

Welcome partner!

Schools, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Travel Planners… Adventures Mexico’s signature products are our group tours!

In these trips we provide land services all around Mexico for all kind of tours of any interest. School Group Tours, Arts and Performance Tours, Service Learning, Leisure Travel and any special interest needs, will be easily met and surpassed with our help.

Student Groups

We love when students visit us! We keep a young base of collaborators to ensure a great connection and understanding of the needs of the students, parents, teachers and chaperones. In these tours we focus on creating lifetime experiences for young people by helping them discover a new part of the world, and a different perspective to life.

Every second in these tours is an opportunity to learn something new in a safe environment!

We combine a wide range of service providers to structure a trip tailored to your needs and expectations. This goes from lodging in hotels to hostels and homestays in Mérida, all the way to immersing in a Mayan Village for a few days to learn their customs first hand.

Some of the most successful Student Group Tours we recommend are:

  • Service Learning Tours: We believe no travel experience is complete without learning something new. The heart of these tours is the will to experience and learn about a different, ancient culture, first hand. The greatest feature of these tours is that we will take a few days from sightseeing to give back a little with effort and change someone’s reality, by working on a local community project.

The projects vary from Homeless Children Centers to Retirement Homes and other non-profit organizations when traveling in the city; and small local communities where we stay overnight for a few days.

The activities include physical work such as painting, building and amending facades, and craft or skill sharing with the communities, to ensure a cultural exchange.

  • Arts and Performance Tours: As Nietzche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake”. At Adventures Mexico we love and encourage every kind of artistic expresion, and believe everyone should be able to experience it. That’s why we love traveling in Performance Tours.

Let us ensure every arrangement required for your group. Choirs, Orchestras, Bands and Ensembles of any kind of art are welcome! We will take care of everything, from booking the Venues and promoting the performances to providing rehearsal spaces and a fun itinerary to complement your tour… Don’t miss the chance to perform at Mexico City, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Guanajuato, the Yucatán Peninsula and all major art destinations in Mexico!

  • Spanish Cultural Immersion: For this kind of tour, we focus on the learning and practice of the Spanish language as a second tongue. Creating cultural exchange experiences for the students is the main purpose of these itineraries. Dancing Lessons, Piñata Workshops, Exchange with Local Schools and Scavenger Hunts are great learning opportunities!


We encourage the group to try our great homestay experience in the Yucatan. Also we schedule a couple of hours of Spanish lessons, combined with activities to practice by interacting with locals.

  • Academic Tours: Does your group have a special academic context or goal to meet? We arrange tailored itineraries around the country, and special interest visits to Natural Reserves, Historical Places, Local Enterprises and Industries; all accompanied by certified experts in the subject of your choice.

Let us know in advance and we will make your special interest into the main feature of your experience!

Leisure Travel

Not students? No worries! We have just as much experience with Leisure Group Tours as with Student Group Tours. Let our expertise on safety, culture, food and lodging drive your journey smoothly through the most beautiful regions of Mexico. Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mérida… Let us know where and we’ll take you there!

  • Special Interest Tours: We’ll be very happy to make a tailored tour just for your group. From Gastronomic Experiences to Spiritual Journeys; Mayan Cooking Classes, Yoga Retreats, Colonial Churches and Cathedrals visits, are just a few of the activities we have available to make a unique tour fit to your needs.


Meeting planners please step forward and let us aid on your special events. As a DMC, we will provide broad experience and knowledge of the touristic resources and infrastructure of the Yucatan.

  • Airport and Bus Station Transfers
  • Hotel Bookings and Reservations
  • Translation Services
  • Travel Companion and Family Packages
  • Reviewed Customs Agents
  • Telecom Equipment Rental
  • Gastronomic Crawls
  • Daytrips and leisure activities around the area
  • Team Build-up and Community Service Activities
  • Amenities, Gift Boxes, and Gratuities
  • Unique and Exclusive Venues, Halls, and Clubs
  • Themed Parties (Typical or Modern)
  • Shows and Entertainment
  • Event Decoration
  • Hospitality Tables
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Event Customization and Signalizing
  • Audio and Video Equipment Rental
  • Multimedia Equipment Rental
  • Expositors and Lecturers
  • Event Assistants, Hostess, and Promotion Representatives
  • Sponsors
  • Press Management
  • Conference Logistic Services
  • Dinners, Receptions and Cocktails
  • Coffee Breaks and Lunches
  • Action Plans
  • General Promotion
  • Delegate Mailing Services
  • E-Marketing Services


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