Mexico FAQ's

Mexico is a big country and temperatures are different at every place. In the Yucatan Peninsula , Acapulco and other resort areas the weather is warm-humid. Average temperatures are 83 to 96 Fahrenheit . Temperature descends to an average of 74 Fahrenheit during winter. In Mexico City and around weather is slightly colder and dry. Average temperature during summer is 82 Fahrenheit and 64 F during winter . Be careful with the wind factor, it could make you feel cold even in warm temperatures.
It depends on the kind of trip you choose. Consider wearing shorts, t-shirts and sandals during the day and something nice for night activities. A jacket is never unnecessary. Important: If you are a woman, we recommend you don’t use mini skirts or very short shirts in downtowns.
You should bring sun screen, mosquito or insect repellent, comfortable walking shoes, sandals, backpack, swimsuit, a beach towel, a cap, a credit/debit card for ATM machines, and a Spanish/Your Language dictionary.
In the unfortunate case you need assistance; Medical service is excellent in big cities in Mexico . It’s very important you bring your own insurance. It normally works in a reimbursement basis: you pay by a credit card then your insurance company gives you the money back once you’re in your country. Contact your insurance company prior your trip to know the exact procedure in case you have to use it.
While you are in Mexico , you will be given an emergency 24/7 phone number from Adventures Mexico. However, during the scheduled activities, a guide will be always accompanying the group to solve any unexpected situation.
We recommend you always drink bottled water. Tap water is drinkable at most places; however, its mineral composition could be different from your country. We try to prevent any stomach problem, so bottled water is always the best option.
We again recommend being as cautious as possible. Feel safe when going to a restaurant, but don’t stop by to eat tacos or hot-dogs on the streets. Despite all precautions, you will have changes in your food habits, and that may probably cause you any sort of stomachache. Bring any syrup or anti-diarrhea product to prevent TD. Regional cuisine in Mexico could be very spicy; however it is worth to try it!
Bring American dollars AND a debit card. Some banks accept to change other currencies, but it can result in a more expensive exchange rate or an additional fee. Cards for ATM machines are very safe and useful, as they normally give you a good exchange rate.
We will always ask you to use common sense precautions. Mexico City could be dangerous when walking alone or when using the subway. As we’ll always be as a group, walking or in our motorcoach, safety is not really a big issue. Additionally, our host families and hotels are always located in the safest places of the cities. Just take normal precautions and never expose yourself to a risk situation.
Public telephone service in Mexico is made thru pre-paid cards bought in Mexico and by coins . It’s your choice if you want to bring phone cards from your country, but we won’t guarantee they will work. If you stay with a family, we ask you to use the public service anyway, since phone is not included in our agreement with the host families.
If you are a citizen from United States of America, Canada, France, Great Britain and other 40 countries*, you will be able to enter to Mexico without using a visa. You will only need your passport and the required forms given in the airplane. If you come from another country, you have to go to the Mexican Embassy in your country to know the exact requirements to obtain your visa -they are different depending on the country you are from. Visit for detailed information.

Adventures FAQ's

Always carry the essentials with you, for us these are:

  • It depends on where you are heading, however because in the Yucatan Peninsula we almost always have a seriously tropical climate these are constants on mostly any trip: fresh clothes, biodegradable sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and a thermos filled with cold water or lemonade.
  • If the entrance fees are not included, you can always ask the price to your agent to know how much money you’ll need to carry on with you.
  • Money for lunch. Most of the restaurants you’ll visit are local and serve traditional foods, the whole lunch with one beverage, main plate, dessert and tip will cost approximately between $150.00 and $200.00 pesos per person.
  • If you are headed to the cenotes or any place that needs for you to enter water bodies you should additionally carry: your towel, a bathing suit and flip flops. Remember not to wear sunblock when entering the cenotes to preserve them.
  • A light snack. If you are an almost always hungry traveler you can ease your hunger with some fruit like grapes, an apple or a banana, or other easy stuff to carry on with you like a chocolate or a granola bar. Having something to munch on will help you to enjoy the destination better and wait with patience until lunch or dinner time arrives.
  • Biodegradable bug repellent. Mostly needed during the rainy seasons that develop from May to October.

On the shared basis excursions there will always be a bilingual guide who speaks fluent English and Spanish.

For private and group excursions please request the language that you prefer and we can look into the possibilities. The chances to have a guide available that speaks other than English or Spanish increment if the excursion is requested with at least one or two months in advance, depending on the season.

All of the Adventures Mexico services must be paid before the service is performed. We have several ways to receive your payment according to the product. Before you make the full payment the reservation is considered just a request which grants no commitment nor obligation to Adventures Mexico. The fees and prices might change without further notice during this time. Adventures Mexico is no liable for any extra charge done to you by the intermediary financial companies.


Pay methods:


  1. PayPal: Adventures Mexico invites you to read PayPal’s Terms and Conditions for you to have clearance and knowledge of how the payment process works:
  • PayPal Direct payment: It is done within Adventures Mexico’s website. Once you have filled the information in the proper form you will be redirected to an official PayPal website where you will be requested to pay the full amount of the corresponding service.
  • PayPal Money Request Order: It is requested for tailor made services. In this case you will receive an electronic mail with an official PayPal website link where you will be requested the total amount agreed by both parties (Adventures Mexico and you) for the service.
  • Wire Transfer: Adventures Mexico also accepts payments through this method and invites you to read your Financial Company’s Terms and Conditions for you to have clearance and knowledge of how the payment process works. This method can be used whether you have requested it for your convenience or in case that Adventures Mexico requires it because operational circumstances. Adventures Mexico will provide all the information required to perform the transaction in date and time. Adventures Mexico will cover all the incoming fees for the Wire Transfer and you are compelled to run the expenses for sending it.
  • Cash: Only accepted when you are physically in Merida. To be able to make this kind of payment you need to secure the service first by paying a 30% of the total amount via PayPal or wire transfer, depending on the agreement made with your Adventures Mexico travel consultant.

Day Tours

All of our one day trip excursions can be postponed or canceled with the proper requests. These requests need to be written in an email and there must be a response from Adventures Mexico within the next 24 working hours. If there is no written request for change of date or cancellation the service is still considered as confirmed resulting in a “No Show” if you don’t attend. In case there is no response from Adventures Mexico please call the emergency mobile phone that is on your voucher. In order to get 85% of reimbursement from a cancellation you need to send us a written request 72 hours before the event. There is no reimbursement for later requests.

  • In case the cruise you will be travelling with gets canceled before it sails you may have a 100% reimbursement as long as you notify Adventures Mexico in a written email with at least 72 hours prior to the event. This email needs to be answered by an Adventures Mexico agent to consider the reimbursement.
  • In case the captain of the cruise decides not to stop on Progreso Port for any reason, Adventures Mexico will do its very best to cancel all services and reimburse you as much as possible. This in case you notify us as soon as you get noticed via email. This email needs to be answered from Adventures Mexico to consider a reimbursement.
  • In case there is no answer you can call the emergency phone number written on your voucher. If there is no answer the tour will be considered confirmed and would apply as a “No Show”.
  • In case the cancellation is by you, the request needs to be written in an email and there must be a response from Adventures Mexico, otherwise the excursion is considered still as confirmed and a “No Show” will apply.
  • In order to get 85% reimbursement from a cancellation you need to send us a written request 72 hours before the event. There is no reimbursement for later requests.

The changes or cancellations for this product can be made either by you or by Adventures Mexico due to lack of availability. In both scenarios the cancellation can be made for a specific product or for the whole package. When the cancellation is made by Adventures Mexico you will get the full reimbursement of the specific canceled product.

The cancellation made by you follows the next indications:

All the cancellations need to be written in an email to get the reimbursement that applies depending on the date the cancellation is made;

  1. You can cancel and get a reimbursement of 80% if you send the cancellation 31 natural days before the event takes place.
  2. You can cancel and get a reimbursement of 50% if you send the cancellation between 30 and 16 natural days before the event happens.
  3. There are no refunds for cancellations within the 15 days prior to the event.

The reservation itself does not guarantee the service; you need a written confirmation given by Adventures Mexico to guarantee it. This confirmation will be sent to you within the next 72 working hours after the payment is complete.

In all the cases Adventures Mexico will not cover the expenses generated by any fees that the Financial Companies make. Adventures Mexico is not liable for the amount charged by neither these fees nor any other charge made during this financial movement. You agree to absorb all expenses when you ask for a reimbursement or while performing a cancellation.

Adventures Mexico counts with several excursions that require a minimum of persons, this is because internal operation circumstances. What you can do is to ask your personal Adventures Mexico contact to put your name in the waiting list and if others show interest on your excursion you can join them. Other option is to make the excursion private by yourself, this will probably increase the price. Adventures Mexico can make all the arrangements and you can experience the destination at its fullest.
Within 24 working hours that the first or whole payment is completed, Adventures Mexico will send you your appropriate voucher confirming your services. In this voucher there will be written all the tour information, if there is any mistake please contact your particular Adventures Mexico agent.
For our culinary excursions children under 8 years old join for free. Children of 8 years old and older pay the full price indicated on each tour. For the rest of our excursions the same price applies for children and adults
One Day Trips: For these excursions, Adventures Mexico recommend you to make the reservation at least 48 working hours before the event. Overnight Packages: Adventures Mexico recommends you to make reservations at least 30 days before your travel date.

All of our culinary tours are walking experiences, these have different meeting points depending on the tour.

For the shared basis tours the vehicle picks up the passengers to the hotels inside the Historic Center of the city. If you are not sure if your hotel applies don’t hesitate in asking your particular Adventures Mexico contact.

The pickup for the private basis tours goes to your specific location, this location is agreed at the moment of making the reservation. If for any circumstance you must change the meeting point location please contact your Adventures Mexico agent.

To know about Shore Excursions pickup see question below.

Shore Excursions are Day Trips that start at Progreso Port and are specially designed for the cruise ship travelers.

Adventures Mexico operation depends on the free shuttle provided for the cruise travelers by AutoProgreso Company, to bring them to one of three possible drop off points in Progreso.

Adventures Mexico is not liable for the drop off location provided by AutoProgreso. Since we do not have control over the drop off location Adventures Mexico commits to wait for our guests 60 minutes starting with the very first free shuttle from the cruise to the Port. After this time Adventures Mexico will consider the trip as a “No show” hence making the charge without reimbursement. To avoid this circumstance you can provide a mobile phone number to Adventures Mexico in order to locate you as soon as possible.

Adventures Mexico will always make the pickup at the AutoProgreso Bus Station located on street 82, between streets 29 and 27 in Progreso. You commit to get to the AutoProgreso Bus Station for the pickup.

With the information you gave to your Adventures Mexico agent, we guarantee your return on time to the cruise as long as you always follow the directions of our guides. If by your petition or negligence you lose the last free shuttles the cost for the taxi that is allowed to go to the cruise will be paid by you.

In case of force majeure, a blocking on the highway, certain weather conditions, or any act of God that delays us resulting in missing the cruise, Adventures Mexico will do its very best to arrange a transfer to send you to the next port of call.

Sometimes because high season or internal circumstances we may contact a sister company to operate the excursions with us. We take this matter seriously so we work with close, trustworthy companies to guaranty you the same quality of service and personal approach.
These always varies depending on the kind of service purchased and the amount of people that will join the particular excursion. For Day Trips and overnight packages we usually use vans and sprinters. For larger groups we use motor coaches.

In Mexico tipping is expected in most situations and it shows your appreciation for good service. In most places you can either tip in Mexican pesos or in American dollars, people will be happy to receive it either way.

If you are happy with the performance of your tour guide it is appropriate to tip between the 10% and the 20% of the total cost of your excursion. For tipping a tour leader it is appropriate to give a minimum of 3 to 5 dollars per day per person. To bus drivers an amount of 2 dollars per person per day.

If you have any questions regarding this subject you can always ask your Adventures Mexico contact.

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