26 Dec

10 Reasons to Not Spend Holidays in Mexico

There are many many reasons not to traveling to Mexico for your holidays, not to even thinking of the crazy idea, as if. For starters, this country has very ugly and terrible destinations, nothing exciting ever happens and there is really nothing to do for fun. This examples of what you can expect to find will prove it, get ready to reconsider your trip to Mexico:


You will want to eat all the different and delicious food of the country, and really who can do that? You will need at least two stomachs to taste everything because everything is worth trying. How are you supposed to do that?


You will be loosing your time relaxing in paradisiacal beaches with your couple, friends and or family. And who would ever want to waste their time like this?


Other thing is that mexican people is really warm, cheerful and fun, this much happiness will make you sick.


They have many many many many (many) traditions, you couldn’t possible remember them all,and the worst part is that almost every state has their own small characteristics, like funny words, clothing and desserts. This will only cause headaches and occupy memory space.


In Mexico there coexist great ethnic diversity, they all have many stories to share and incredible interesting historical facts. This is very confusing and hard to understand, you’ll get bore to death.


If you travel with your children, you will find many attractions for them, they would have so manyhours of joy. Causing them all of this happiness will be terrible for their well being, you don’t want them smiling and having fun all the time.A

You will find a great array of flora and fauna. Really? Who wants to travel to see unique species all beautiful and incredibly exotic.


Mexico has so many different settings, like in mountains or greeny rain forests and jungles, dry and huge deserts, and tropical golden beaches, plus lots of modern and fabulous cities. Oh my God too many, you will loose your mind trying to decide where to go.


Terrorific beautiful handicrafts, such as clothes, bags, vaces, crockery and much more sold by artisans. Who wants to buy to local artisans?

In conclusion Mexico is a place full of history, beautiful people and places, with meaningful history and fun and kind ambience, where you will be able to make deep connections and happy memories, doesn’t matter if you travel solo or with a group, you’ll fall in love and you won’t even know it until is time to leave. And this is absolutely not interesting and exciting.

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