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5 Apr

7 principal Mayan Gods

For the ancient civilizations the religion was a way that allowed the living beings to relate with naturethe rest of the universe and beyond. The Mayan people believed in many Gods, for them the divinities presented themselves as energy and natural phenomenons, like the rain, corn growing from the grown, the fact that the sun rises and dies every day and the earth itself, also the Gods could transform themselves and be among us in different forms, any kind of form. Through their rituals the Mayans were able to see images of the distinct Gods and they projected those images in different artistic ways, like in paintings.

  1. Chaac

God of the water and rain, the ray and the thunder. Related with life and creation power. He is often represented with a large nose and two sharped tusks. For the Mayans this deity was of great importance because of the crops of corn that needed water to emerge from the ground.

  1. Itzamná

Lord of the heavens, of the day and the night, he symbolizes the cosmos and represents everythingAll that he crafts has life and a light that never goes out, the energy he gives doesn’t die, only returns to him.The majority of time he is represented as an animal, depending on where it is located: a colorful bird if he is in the skies or an imposing reptile if he touches the ground. In the town of Izamal, also known as the “yellow city”, exists until this day remains of the temple in which the Mayans used to honor him by making rituals.

  1. Ixchel

Goddess of the natural satellite of planet Earth, the water and fertility. The Mayans represented her with a woman figure, old or young, depending on the face of the moon; when she is old she is seen as destructive, responsible for provoking catastrophes; and when young, she appears holding a rabbit, ultimate symbol of the moon. The representations always involve her interacting with water, earth and animals. She is the mother of conception, pregnancy and giving birth, and also of the medicine, the paintings and the rainbow. In Isla Mujeres, an island of Mexico, there is a little temple dedicated to this deity.

  1. Yum kimil

Sir of the death, he lives in the underworld, this place known as XibalbáHe takes life away from the mortal beings. He is often represented as a skeleton, this God carries both sexes and is involved in human acts, like performing frenetic dancing, making love and smoking tobacco.

  1. Kukulkán

Creator of the universe, related to wisdom and wind. Its name stands for feathered snake, the Mayan beliefs were that this deity comes down from The Castleconstruction located in the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, as a shadow every equinox of spring and autumn.

  1. Pawahtún

He carries the cosmos, and lives in the sky, the earth and the underworld. He sometimes was represented by four men, each one holding one tip of the entire creation. He also was characterized as an old man emerging from a shell, or a flower.

  1. Yum Kaax

God of the corn and the agriculture. He was often represented as a young and good looking folk that had a corn on top of his head, the colors that the Mayan people used to paint him with were blue and yellow, because for them blue represents vegetables in general. Corn was sacred for the Mayan civilization, they believed that from this food the humanity was molded and created.

If you would like to get to know more about the Gods and their ancient cities visit one of all of the many archaeological sites!

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