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2 Sep

Aluxes Mytical Mayan Creatures

Aluxes are mythical mayan creatures that are compared with elves, due to they are small and do mischievousness. You can find them in caves, cenotes and houses in little villages. Listen to locals talking about aluxes is pretty interesting. You have to come to Yucatan and ask yucatecans to talk about aluxes.

If you have visited Yucatan, maybe you have heard about Aluxes, creatures like goblins to be very small and are mostly known for being playful and mischievous.

These beings were created with virgin mud. The creators gave offerings and prayed them to come to life. Tended to be loyal to their owners and naughty with strangers, but to stop making mischief, they say you should tell them you’re his friend and leave them offerings, in this way, they are loyal and they play with you. Normally aluxes appeared to children, because they are also children and they want to play with others. It is believed aluxes are found in caves, cenotes, in the countryside and in houses of some villages.

I never had heared about this creatures before reaching Yucatan. The first time I heared of them was when I arrived to Merida and my classmates and me went to the caves of Calcehtok. On the tour you have to use light to see inside, due to there is completely dark. When we were deep inside the caves, the guide demanded us to switch off the lights and narrated the story of a group of young men who were venturing unsupervised into the caves and did not give an offering to the aluxes. This provoked the anger of these beings and the guide said that they were trapped in the caves for several years until they gave in to give offerings to the aluxes and be their friends.

I’ve never had the opportunity to see one, but several of my friends of Yucatan confirm they have seen aluxes and had played with them. Also, if you learn to respect them, they will protect you and take care of your properties.

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