Adventures Mexico is a young and dynamic tour operator committed to their customers and business partners with 15 years of experience in the tourism area.
Our mission is to enrich people’s lives, by creating unique and tailor-made travel experiences characterized by being educational, fun, well designed, and affordable.
We offer handcrafted tours around Mexico and Latin America for families, groups, students and individuals, our promise is to deliver efficiency, reliability and structure in each experience.
As a professional receptive tour operator based in Mérida, Yucatán, México, we cooperate with travel agents from different countries, such as Canada, the US and Europe. Adventures Mexico’s team is dedicated, experienced and well trained, therefore, working along with us, you will find destinations, carefully selected hotels, transport and local multilingual guides, always focusing on quality and customer satisfaction in order to provide cutting edge services that benefit both our customers and our partnerships.

Whether you are a University, a Travel Agent, a Tour Operator a Nonprofit Association or a Group Travel Planner, we are very pleased to invite you to join us and together provide quality travel solutions and assistance in organizing groups and private tours in Mexico and Latin America.

Check out our partnership options, I’m sure we can find a way to collaborate together!

• SCHOOLS OR UNIVERSITIES (cultural immersion, science, choirs, music bands, orchestras, etc.)
• TOUR OPERATORS OR TRAVEL AGENTS (adults, families and student groups, special interest groups)
• NGOS AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (service learning, volunteering, etc.)
• GROUP TOUR PLANNERS (alumni, museums, special interest groups)
We hope to build a lasting relationship with you, supporting your vision and business goals.

Discover, Learn and Enjoy with us!

With Regards,
Luis Arturo Herrera-Albertos

Head Director of Adventures Mexico




We have the expertise to work with segments such as: alumni organizations, museum, senior’s citizens, religious groups and pilgrimages, sister cities associations, and travel clubs, crafting one-of-a-kind group journeys.
We can offer tourism services with different budgets ranging from first class to affordable prices, such as:
• Packages for FIT’s, families and groups (special interest groups, NGOS, student groups)
• Planning for tours and excursions
• Accommodation
• Transportation
• Multilingual qualified guides
• Restaurants
• Event tickets
• Special arrangements



In Adventures Mexico we recognize the importance of working with communities to improve them, and we know this should be part of the education of young. We have partnerships with local organizations in order to work with them and generate a positive impact in their environment. This kind of communities can be a rural town, a shelter or a local hospital.
We are convinced that joining forces we can gradually bring about a change in vulnerable societies, no matter how small our impact may seem, it will always make a difference.
Through hands-on and deep exposure to the local culture, young people learn the vital importance of team collaboration and acquire skills to solve real life problems. They return home inspired to become citizens committed to society.
Contact us and lets work together to little by little improve our world.
• SERVICE LEARNING IN ALBORADA FOUNDATION: Get involved with a local nonprofit association and experience the joy of travel with a purpose.
• HANDS-ON AND CULTURE IN SABACCHÉ: Work with a village of community ecotourism while enjoying the nature around it.



For several years we have helped teachers and students discover the world through educational travel and cultural immersion. Through experiential learning, students gain new perspectives, and develop important 21st century skills that will help them become true global citizens.
We are constantly seeking new partnerships with professional educators to provide safe, fun, cultural and educational activities for its students.
In Adventures Mexico we are aware of the difficulties involved in working with a set budget so we focus on keeping costs as low as possible while maintaining the quality of our travel products, so your kids can have an affordable once in a lifetime experience.
All groups have a unique and special supervision by a travel consultant assigned to work shoulder to shoulder with you, to create a tailor made tour, depending on your needs and the specific characteristics of your students.



The welfare of your students is our top priority and we have it covered by a professional guide who accompanies the group all the time, if there is an emergency during the tour, your Adventures Mexico guide is trained to handle it. The tour guide is also in permanent contact with your assigned travel consultant and support team in the main office. We provide 24/7 emergency assistance.
If you choose the homestay accommodation, a local family care for your students, preparing meals, taking them to the meeting points and giving them the opportunity to experience how family life is in the Yucatan.
We perform background checks on our staff and inspections to all vendors, hotels and restaurants who we work with, in order to give you peace of mind.



We are here to help you anytime in your tour. With us you will find unconditional support before, during and after your Student Tour.
Throughout your tour planning process, one of our travel consultants will help you personalize your tour and answer any questions you may have. Our staff have the proper skills to manage and develop Student Tours and can offer firsthand experiences to help you with your journey.
In developing your tour we will be in constant contact with your group, looking after of any emergency or need that your students may have. Your Adventures Mexico guide will coordinate all the logistics while providing fun and engaging information.
No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered.



In Adventures Mexico we offer amazing experiences, at a price that makes traveling accessible, because we are aware that your students work hard to raise funds for this. Therefore we make every effort to keep costs as low as possible, while still maintaining the high quality of our experiences.
One way to keep costs low is our homestay accommodation service.



• SPANISH AND CULTURAL IMMERSION: The best way to acquire Spanish conversational skills while immersed in a whole new culture.
• SERVICE LEARNING: Get involved with a local community and experience the joy of travel with a purpose.
• PERFORMANCE TOUR: Mexico is an ideal destination to promote a Music Band or Choirs and bring the music to wonderful venues.
• SICENCE OR OTHER CURRICULUM: Let’s take learning beyond the classroom while we discover and enjoy of nature and new cultures.



Adventures Mexico collaborates with various companies mainly in Canada, the US and Europe. We have special rates and benefits for groups starting at 10 people and we can organize and develop tours tailored for adults or students, always looking to create quality experiences for our customers and business partners.
We take care of complete travel arrangements as well as of single parts of your tour in Latin America and everywhere in Mexico, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Our comprehensive choice of organized trips to selected destinations combine different activities that ensure a comfortable and pleasant holiday escapes in Mexican destinations.
Thanks to our 12 years’ experience and the good contacts to efficient and reliable service providers, we can offer tourism services with different budgets ranging from first class to affordable prices, such as:

• Packages for FIT’s, families and groups (special interest groups, NGOS, student groups)
• Planning for tours and excursions
• Accommodation
• Transportation
• Multilingual qualified guides
• Restaurants
• Event tickets
• Special arrangements

Join us and together we will create amazing experiences for our customers.
We’ll take care of your travelers like you do.