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5 Apr

Best advices for safety when traveling to Mexico

If we think of Mexico’s current widespread media reputation, it’s really no wonder many of our fellow travelers think twice on just how safe is Mexico, and what to keep in mind before visiting us and while they’re here.

Of course in most touristic cities of Mexico, having some good common sense is more than enough to avoid dangerous situations, but then again, what exactly is having a “good” common sense?

It depends, I think. We’ve all taken a wrong street or maybe been outside a little after hours, but if I we’re to find myself in a (say) cartel related situation, I must have probably been on the wrong state for starters. That’s why I list what I think are some of the best advices for safety when traveling to Mexico.

1. Check out the US Government Mexico Travel Warning as it has a pretty accurate briefing on every state of Mexico and its particularly dangerous areas, which should be avoided. You’ll find that most actually dangerous places are well defined.

2. If available, use digital platforms such as UBER for taxis. The fare is lower and avoiding stopping a cab on the street will also prevent you to get cheated on it.

3. Plan on your available cash and upcoming withdrawals so you don’t find yourself in the need of an ATM at night.

4. Keep your head up. Smartphone wanderers are easily targeted no matter whether local or visitor.

5. Do not go around flashing cash in crowded places, and avoid wearing fancy or even showy jewelry or watches.

6. In order to blend in as much as possible, wear jeans and shoes in most Mexican cities, unless you’re specifically on a beach holiday, of course.

7. If you were to be approached by local police, always cooperate and follow any instructions.

8. Look up on where the closest embassy of your country of residence is located and have their emergency contact number at hand.

9. Be very aware of your surroundings at all times, and avoid demonstrations as much as possible.

Want to read more? Check out Suzanne Barbezat’s, Mexico Travel Expert from Travel About, thoughts on safety in Mexico! and also, if you’re of the adventurous kind, you definitely want to read these safety tips on the road in Mexico.

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