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5 Apr

Campeche City

Campeche city is the beautiful walled capital city of Campeches’s State, this city is Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Formerly was a port for trade between New Spain and the New World, so it was constantly attacked by pirates and outsiders, that’s why it has walls that protected the city. When you are visiting Campeche you will be able to perceive antique and colonial neighborhoods, churches, squares and elegant Spanish-style mansions and my favorites are the forts; the San José fort and San Miguel fort. You will appreciate one of the most beautiful views of a sunset from San José fort.

The people from Campeche is so warm and kind. When I went to Campeche, a friend’s family opened us their house doors and the husband and wife cooked for us shrimps stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. The food in Campeche is very similar to Yucatecan cuisine, so visiting Campeche you will enjoy the exquisite panuchos, salbutes, cochinita and as now you know they are located in a port, they have really good seafood.

Another reason why you should go to Campeche is because is located near to archaeological site of Edzna, and the amazing Calakmul.

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