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5 Apr

Caves and Cenotes in Yucatan – My Experience

Visiting a cenote is appreciating all the ducts made by water streams and adventure to unknown inside the dark caves where only the guides are your eyes. The past weekend, we went to inspect some caves and cenotes, because we want to offer a new tour. The first cenote we visited is CHIHUAN, It’s located in HOLCÁ, it’s in a particular house backyard, in here they made healing rituals and also the cenote has healing properties. It’s a very big Cenote, with long ducts with approximately 2 miles long, they drives into a sacred space in which once they had sacrifices and rituals, in this area you can find a table and a chair made with the same limestone from the walls of the cave. We also visit Santa Maria’s Caves, located in Homún. An entertaining place because besides the adventure this place has a lot of ducts to visit and very reduce spaces to go through. They offers a whole natural exfoliation process with limestone and mud, because under the water there is sand with a high mineral content, after the exfoliation you can take off the sand by swimming into one of the crystalline water bodies inside the caves. Definitely an awesome experience …. If you look for nature and adventure you can´t miss this Caves and Cenotes Tour.

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