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5 Apr

City of Guanajuato

Located in the belly bottom of the Republic, Guanajuato is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities from Mexico. With its stone alleys, colorful streets and romantic ambiance, it will make you fall for her.

The baroque architecture that this metropolis possesses is impressive, Guanajuato was declared by the UNESCO as World Heritage, it houses many colonial buildings, colorful homes, incredible museums, impressive and gorgeous theaters, stone based streets, bright and creative people, and many tunnels, which once were rivers.

Located in the center of the Republic, and described in my journal as one of my favorite’s urban capitals! Guanajuato is an amazing and enchanting city. Wandering its stone alleys, colorful streets, its gardens and little plazas, you can’t help feel all the essence of the historical events, which once took place in its territory regarding the Mexican Independence. Also, the city has a way to make you fall for her, the mismatched level streets, its flowered balconies and stone based constructions make this place a unique and romantic destination. Perfect for walking around and losing yourself into its cultural and artistic mood.

This urban destination is well known for it has held for more than 40 years the very acclaimed annual International arts festival of Cervantino, which is a cultural and artistic encounter, one of the most relevant in all Latin America, and very important worldwide. Theater, musical and dance performances from Mexico and other countries of the world; appearing for days and days, creating an ambiance of life and light all over. However this creative and charming city holds its atmosphere of youth and meaning all year long, with many cultural events, such as the famous “callejoneadas”, orchestras, theater plays and films, among others activities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to kiss the love of your life (or a complete unknown person) under the two balconies of the kiss alley! Also the theater of Juarez, the University of Guanajuato, the Valenciana mine, the monument honoring the Pipila and the Museum of Momias, are just a small part of what you need to experience once you get to this incredible place!

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