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31 Aug

Community work in Yucatan

Volunteer vacations are a great opportunity to travel with a purpose while you enjoy sharing your time with kids or helping local institutions. The volunteering job we offer is cleaning common areas as parks and beaches, also we paint houses and buildings in poor communities, if you prefer we can also build or renew areas for kids and poor families, go to hospitals an make the kids laugh while they are there. it’s a great way to contribute.

After all the week of tough work We need to have some fun, some leisure time and bonding time with friends and teachers so during weekends we also have fun visiting ancient wonders and natural beauties of Mexico as cenotes, haciendas, archaeological sites, and beaches.

For the accommodation we always offer homestay because give you the opportunity to involve you in different and daily situations with a new family and is also an experience for life really hard to  forget. These families have worked with us for more than 10 years and have all the experience they need to take care young people. The families are very careful, thoughtful and helpful.

So, what are you waiting for? Tell your school you just find a way to increase the extracurricular activities and also have fun with your friends and also learn some of the Yucatecan culture. Contact us!

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