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5 Apr

Enchilada Rhapsody

This combination of filled “tortillas” drowned in various types of sauces represent one of the most popular and emblematic dishes in the Mexican gastronomy. There are multiple kinds of enchiladas it’s crazy and delicious, it makes it hard when you sit on a restaurant all carefree and satisfied with life and then the menu comes along with the infinite options of flavors and suddenly you don’t know what to order and the waiter is waiting, your palms start sweating and you begin to wonder how many questions are too many questions to ask before deciding which enchiladas to order.

México counts with a great array of enchilada kinds, this is because in every region there is a different variety. They are served mostly as a main dish, and when well served they can be very fulfilling, is easy to share them because they usually come in pairs, but don’t, they are too good. Also you must know that they are from the same family of the tacos.

Now I’ll explain this dish: it is made with wrapped tortillas and they have a filling that is usually some meat or if you are vegetarian or vegan don’t worry, there are also cheese, mushrooms or avocado fillings. The tortillas are folded like tacos and then literally drowned in sauce. The sauces are generally spicy and here is when the magic happens, and all the variety.

The most popular enchiladas are:

Verdes; they have this color because of the cooked green tomatoes that are used for making the sauce, they count with many varieties, such as “suizas”, baked, with philadelphia cheese, among others. You can top them with whatever you desire.

Rojas; these ones and the green ones before, are the most popular kinds of enchiladas, they are like the evil and good twins. People, including me, always have the debate whether to order red or green enchiladas. The color of this variety owns its tone to the red tomatoes that are used for making the sauce, they also can be made with dried chili such as “guajillo” and turn red also.

Mineras; they are typical of the beautiful state of Guanajuato, they are made with “guajillo” chili and are filled with cheese and chicken, accompanied with vegetables and bathed in red sauce, made with tomatoes.

De mole; this sauce is made with a combination of spices and chilies, and they are made liquid with corn flour, the most popular mole in México is the “poblano” one, but there are lots! Like the “huaxmole”, or the “coloradito”, the black one, the red one, among others. My mother adds dark chocolate and bananas to the mixture and combined with everything else, the sweetness and the spicy combines and it tastes delicious!

Norteñas; translated to “from the north” chipotle chili and tomato sauce are main ingredients for these delicacies, they also are topped with shredded cheese and are filled with tender chicken.

De Frijol; commonly known as “enfrijoladas”. Now the tortillas are covered with the popular Mexican beans, and this makes the sauce. On top of the beans you can add also cream and cheese, or jalapeño and “cilantro”, on you depends.

Potosinas; these enchiladas are originally from the state of San Luis Potosí, creation of Doña Cristina Jalomo. The flour with which these enchiladas are cooked has chili in them integrated, they are small and filled with cheese or beans and more chili because why not, and are topped with sour cream. If you’d like you can add avocado because why not.

Mexicanas; normally filled with chicken, they have this name because they have the three colors of the Mexican flag, red sauce, green sauce and white sour cream, and can be topped with shredded cheese YUMM.

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