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8 Things Every Traveler Must Know Before Going To Mexico

Coming to Mexico? You wanna read this!

The modern world puts information at hand 24/7, and it’s really easy to be an expert on any subject, you just really need the will to do it! But when it comes to traveling, there are some things that books can’t tell you, local expertise in some way. And when we travel, we’re always wondering what is really good to know before visiting a new country.

Hence, we made a list! And hoping it can help you travel more efficiently or just avoiding an embarrassing moment, here’s 8 things we think you should know before traveling to México:

1. Buses are perfectly safe

Don’t let yourself feel intimidated by taking long buses in between destinations, Mexican bus service is definitely something we’re proud of; also, prices are usually very cheap if you travel on first class (which is actually middle class), although more expensive and luxurious buses are available as well!

On the other hand colectivos and second class buses, we know they are quite an experience and they definitely add up to the trip. They are great, but we suggest you only go for them at the safest areas of Mexico, such as Mérida for example. A tip for trying them is to befriend a local and get their guidance or directions, and don’t forget to ask if it’s safe!

2. Rent & Drive

If you’re on the rent & drive team, keep a good eye on insurance information on websites, Mexican rates usually don’t seem very expensive, but they don’t normally include this fee and unexpected travelers pay for them on site all the time.

Mexican blinkers, oh what a mess! For many Mexican drivers the blinker lights seem to make them feel invincible, with all the genuine right to park just anywhere at any time. Honestly, they even assume you’re crazy for getting mad or hitting the horn!

This has gotten deep under the skin, so please keep this in mind if you’re going for the car rental option and find yourself driving around!

3. Roads

Roads in México are great in general if you’re thinking of state and federal, and not too shabby in country roads or cities. Signals are good, generally big lanes, and the scenery’s amazing; but there’s one very annoying down part, bumps.

Mexico streets are filled with these annoying-car wrecking-holes! Some of them are virtually invisible, and others are in the worst available places.

But don’t worry! Just have a little extra care while driving through urban areas, and keep an eye on cars stopping in the middle of the street, keep your distance, always focus on the road, and most importantly, don’t be scared if you bump into one.

Check out Motor Mexico’s top tips for driving safe in México here!

If you find yourself lost or want some directions just call 078 for free tour assistance services!

4. Corruption

Something not a lot of people talk about is corruption.

México is one of the top countries where this unethical practice lives and breathes daily, and people here are used to have it present in their day to day lives; but you should also know that corruption in México is merely a native’s problem, meaning it affects Mexicans only.

We Mexicans are not proud of this, we may seem okay with our humorous way of taking it but it really is unnerving and out of control.

5. Mexico on the Map

Can you point out México on a map? What about the Gulf of México? We are the country with the chili kind of form just south of the United States, and we, like the Starks, belong to the north.

México is the third country that forms part of North America, at the same time as being a Latin America destination.

Wwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Crazy right?

6. Natural Beauty

C10. Two of the greatest things in Mexico are its cultural and natural beauty. Mexico is a multicultural, super-diverse country with 33 World Heritage Sites registered by UNESCO!

From El Pinacate in Sorona’s desert, through the Agave Plantations in Tequila, Jalisco, all the way to the ancient Mayan City of Calakmul, Mexico is home to all kinds of wild animals such as butterflies, great whites, whale sharks, geckos and evidence of the cultural richness of the Mayan, Aztecs, Zapotecs among many more!

Crazy to fit all of that in just a little less than 2,000 million kilometers square!

The Copper Canyon in Chihuahua is 4 times larger than the Great Canyon in Colorado! Due to its wide diversity, weather may also seem to change randomly through the country.

It’s not very hard to forecast what the weather will be at your next Mexican destination, we encourage you to do it, and to choose your clothing properly as you wouldn’t wear the same fabrics in a dry or humid place.

Need more help? Check out this guide on how to pack for traveling to Mexico!

7. Food

Guess what else is considered UNESCO Cultural Heritage? Mexican Food. Let’s set something straight, as Adventures Mexico team prides on being real foodies!

A taco is not a meal by its own. Taco comes from a composed verb that would be translated as “to make taco” and it refers to the action of rolling a tortilla on one’s hand. So saying “I ate tacos” is hiding half of the delicious information of you meal! Please, elaborate! We eat all kinds of tacos such as nopales (cactus), al pastor and suadero (very popular pork tacos in central Mexico), cochinita pibil (ambrosial Yucatecan pork dish) and just anything!

So now you know, next time you sit at a Mexican table with tortillas in front of you, don’t hesitate and make taco!

Can’t wait to try Yucatecan food first-hand in Mérida? Check out our foodie daytrips here!

8. 5 de Mayo

Last for this time, 5 de Mayo. Of course it’s not Mexico’s Independence Day, that’s September 16. It’s not Mexico day, or even a big celebration in most parts of the country. A regular day for the average Mexican.

But then, why is it so famous? 5 de Mayo is a military celebration in Puebla, which honors the troops that won a battle against the French army in what was the famous Pastry War, but not nearly a national celebration as Mexicans are not really military people in general.

The list can go on and on, and to some point, we’ll make it happen! But if you really want to get to know Mexico, come visit us! We’ll love to have you around!

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