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5 Apr


Land of tequila and mariachi, also known as the Rose City, Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco in Mexico, and the second in row for being the more populated in the country. The economy of the city is based in the sector of industry, the electronic is the most important, and others that are also relevant are the food processing, the pharmaceuticals and the fashion industries. And is too a significant cultural center, holding big events like the Guadalajara International festival of Films, or the International event of the book.

This metropolis played an important role during the Mexican Independence, this is because, in here was where the priest,Miguel Hidalgo, abolished the slavery and proclaimed the territory as a free state.

The locals have the fame of being gorgeous and tall people, with almond shaped eyes and dark hair, and are known around the Mexican republic as “tapatíos”, actually anything from this city is known like that, dances, food, even sauces!

Some of the highlights of the city located in the Historic Center are, the impressive Guadalajara Cathedral; the Mariachis Plaza, a folkloric site where you can find many mariachi bands who will play traditional songs with deep and strong voices for you for a small fee; the Belen Cemetery, which has been converted into a museum filled with haunted stories; and many more! Also surrounding the Downtown area there is the Mirador Park, in which you can sit down in one of the benches that are scattered around the gardens, relax and admire the beautiful views of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

About the local food from this region, we can mention the “chilaquiles”, these little corn tortilla chips are delicious, always covered with chili tomato sauce, sour cream and sometimes topped with meat and cheese. Another representative dish would be the “tortas ahogadas” translated as drowned sandwiches, these consists in a kind of sub literally drowned with a tomato and chili sauce, when people from other parts of the country visit this territory they don’t miss the opportunity of eating one of these delightful tortas!

The “pearl of the west” possesses a lot of historical meaningful places and memories inside its territory. If you’d like to see an option to visit this beautiful metropolis click here.

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