26 Apr

Eat in Mexico as a local

Take note because you will find here the best tips to eat as a Mexican!

1.- Eat in local MARKETS. Why? Because there you will find authentic Mexican food, cooked by local people who knows the real recipe.

2.- Accept recommendations from locals. If you ask to local people in markets for the best food stands, they will say: “Oh yes the Doña Juanita stand is the best one”. If locals say, you go; they know what they are talking about.

3.- Choose the most crowded food stand. Most of the time the food stand full of people( or the one with the longest line) is the best one. At least we believe that. The best things in life are worth waiting for!

4.- Take a long walk after your meal (“el mal del puerco” will try to catch you). After your meal, you might be so full that you would feel “el mal del puerco” (the necessity of sleep after eating a big meal)  but DON’T! You need to be AWAKE to keep exploring. And remember, you always have to make space for desserts.

5.- Don’t even think to eat in fast food restaurants or franchises you already know and have in your country. Why would you travel so far to eat the same food that you have back home?, I know your food is really good but open your mind and mouth to taste new different flavors.

6.- Hands instead of clutery. You have to know what must be eaten with a cutlery set, totopos or tortillas and of course, with your beautiful and clean hands.

  • Clutery: pozole, sopa azteca, mole, tamales, chilaquiles, enchiladas, enfrijoladas, mondongo, chorizo, chiles en nogada, sacahuil, pan de cazón and many more.
  • Totopos or tortillas: ceviche, dzikilpak, frijol, guacamole, birria, queso fundido.
  • Bare hands: tortas, tacos, sopes, quesadillas, flautas, empanadas, gorditas, molletes, tlayudas, panuchos, nachos.

7.- Eat tacos as a professional! As mexicans, we have been training all our life. Learn to eat tacos will help you to don’t make a mess and enjoy the whole of it!

Use one hand to take the taco and roll it up to met your mouth, keep the stuffing safe and then approach your face to it, nothing should be wasted. Don’t forget to add salsas and some spicy to your tacos!

Now that you know some sacred secrets about how to eat like an authentic Mexican, there is no excuse! Try all the mexican food you can eat!

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