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5 Apr

Lent in Mexico

Mexico is a very religious country, we have a lot of religious festivities throughout the year, including the lent. | Lent is a time of repentance and conversion which marks the church to reflect and prepare for the feast of the Passover. Lent lasts 40 days and begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. During this time we can’t eat beef, pork, and chicken. During this time the only thing allowed is egg, cornmeal, vegetables and fish but don’t worry our meals still being very delicious. | If you visit any part of Mexico during this period is likely to find more variety of dishes made with seafood and fish or other completely vegetarian. | In Mérida typical dishes for this time are Tikinxic fish, fried fish, Shrimp or octopus cocktail, ceviche, stuffed squash with cheese in tomato sauce, Chaya empanadas with cheese (Edam cheese) dzotobichay (stuffed tamale with pumpkin seed, egg and tomato sauce) , polcan, Cazón empanadas (cazón is a baby shark), papadzul, egg panuchos. | If what you like is to know more about Yucatecan gastronomy, we encourage you to take the Taste of Yucatan – Merida Cooking Class, in which you can visit two bustling markets of merida and sample some Yucatecan delicacies besides to cook traditional food with fresh local ingredients

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