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5 Apr

Local Markets in Merida

Merida city is divided in neighborhoods; the main ones are San Cristobal, San Juan, San Sebastian, Santa Ana, Santa Lucia, Santiago, and La Ermita de Santa Isabel. Each neighborhood has a main square, a church and a market. Each market has areas like fruits and vegetables, food area, poultry, Spices and seeds, sometimes clothes or home supplies. But some of them are big enough to have even seafood, butchery, handcrafts, Pet shop, jewelry, shoes, and tech shops. In Merida we have 2 main local markets “Lucas de Galvez” and “San Benito” (69 St.). They are located in 65 and 69 St x 56 A and 54 Centro. The history of the markets in Mexico began in prehispanic times when indigenes in Mexico live in different zones on the country so they bring together in the middle of the country their different locally produced and valuable products, so they started the first commercial exchange from that time. Some of the valuable products they brought to the capital from remote lands were jade, cotton, cocoa and precious metals. Actually there are a lot of supermarkets in town, but they will NEVER have the variety of products, low prices, Freshness and local products than you will have in the local markets and if you want to know a city completely, you must go to one of their markets. I assure you there will be an excellent experience and a great way to know about Mexican culture. Don’t miss the chance to visit the markets in our Taste of Yucatán – Merida Cooking Class

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