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5 Apr

Love from Mexico

This post is dedicated to love in the Mexican way, profound and full. There are many ways in which we can express this tender feeling, now I am going to mention some quotes from movies, songs and texts, in which love manifests in perfect forms.

Amarte duele: Translate as “Loving you hurts”. Dramatic movie set in Mexico City, about a young love between two teenagers, which are from different social status.

Your heart is the same as mine, neither more nor less.

Como agua para chocolate: Translate as “Like water for chocolate”. The writer Laura Esquivel tells the story about a young woman, her desires and her love for traditional Mexican food.

I need an answer right now, love is not meant to be analyzed, either you feel it or you don’t.

Amores perros: Tragic and intense movie that shows three different histories and characters. Showing parts of the urban Mexico.

I wanted to fix the world to share it with you after.

Arráncame la vida: My favorite Mexican movie!! It’s a dramatic film based on the book of the novelist Angeles Mastretta.

Regardless of the day I die, I want my grave to have the same scent your body has right now.

Frida Kahlo: She was a popular Mexican poet and painter. Married to the famous painter Diego Rivera. Nowadays known all around the world.

I love you more than my own skin.

Agustín Lara: He was a lyrics composer and singer, one of the most popular. Was deeply in love with Maria Felix, a gorgeous Mexican actress of his time, he composed many songs for this pretty woman.

Your tenderness is so fragile inside my mind. The days turn dark, I don’t live if you remain absent. If they don’t know, they don’t want to believe that your love is sacred, I have it guarded and buried deep inside me.

Natalia Lafourcade: Is a young singer, composer, art designer, actress and philanthropist. One of a kind.

I carry you inside, all the way to my roots and no matter if they grow, you’ll remain here.

You are my favorite place in this world.

Ángeles Azules: Is a musical group of cumbia, very famous though all Latin America.

Now more than ever I need you by my side. Don’t abandon my love, because I have given into you, and I could not survive, I need your warm.

Leon Larregui: It’s a singer and composer, lead singer of the Mexican band Zoé.

Offer me your heart and let me get inside that place, where the flowers grow, where love grows.

Zoé: Rock and electric band, their lyrics subjects mainly are about space and universe related.

And all the time I am thinking of you, in the radiant sun, in a corner of the sky. And all the time I am thinking of you, in the echo of the sea that trembles inside your eyes.

I carry your voice in my voice, marked with aerosol spray.

Café Tacvba: It’s a popular alternative rock band, winners of many Grammy awards.

You are what I want most in this world, also you are my deepest thought.

Caifanes: Rock band that has gone through many break ups and member changes. Remains awesome.

That I want to orbit planets until I see an empty one, that I want to live there, but I want it to be with you.

Malagueña Salerosa: Is the name of a Mexican song, created in the year of 1947 by Elpidio Ramirez and Pedro Galindo. Since its making it has had many covers and has appeared in numerous movies. The picture is of the group “Chingón” which has a really good cover of the tune.

How beautiful eyes you got under those two eyebrows.

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