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30 Apr

Mayan Gods of Merida’s Market

Most local people would describe it as a city on its own. It is alive, it brings people together and it is the place where to find all you need to make life more flavorful, colorful and special. We are very happy to finally present to you a peek of the wonderful people you will meet in Merida. The people that bring life to a place full of color, laughs and incredible treasures yet to be discovered. With no further due, here are some of the Mayan Gods of Merida’s Market.


The Queen of Tamales



You will love Doña Dulce tamales! She’s a little timid at first but if you ask about her signature dish she will smile and explain to you everything. From the ingredients she uses to the ancestry method of cooking such amazing dishes.  

She lives in Tecoh, Yucatan, a little village that is one hour away from Merida. She wakes up at 1:40 am every day to heat the tamales she prepared the afternoon before: She brings“tamales de espelón”, “tamales de pollo”, “brazo de reina” to name a few.  Around 2:00 am she has to take a “combi” (public transportation) from Tecoh to Merida in order to arrive just before the market opens. She knows that people will start arriving soon to have a fresh tamale so arrive early and don’t forget to try her homemade salsa!


Mayan Earth Mother



Doña Francisca is the fruit specialist. She only likes to bring fresh local fruits that are in season: zapote, mamey, ciruela, huaya to name a few. Sweet fruits that maybe you have never seen but cannot leave without trying them.

She lives near the market, in Merida. She gets up at 3:30 am in the morning to get ready and take all her products. She arrives at the market at 4:30 am, builds up her stand and star to sell. After a long day, she finally leaves the market around 5:00 pm to go back home and get ready for the next day.

Besides selling fruits, she also offers “pibinal”, delicious sweet corn baked in an oven made in a pit, it takes around three days to be cooked. Don’t be surprised! This is a traditional mayan cooking technique


El Primo



The best “Primo” of all the “primos” (cousins), He and his family sell the best Cochinita Pibil tacos in Lucas de Galvez Market. He is going to give you the best service and make you feel as one of the family.

He lives in Merida and wakes up at 2:00 pm in the morning to get the Cochinita ready. Around 3:00am they are getting everything ready from the bakery to have it on the market on time. You can find “Los primos” year round, it doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or Labor Day, they are always ready to offer amazing cohinita and lechon.

Don’t forget to visit them. All you have to say is ¨Primo, dame uno y uno¨ and you will be ready to experience a truly amazing culinary experience!






Lucas de Galvez Market is the main market in Merida city, it opens every day at 3:00 am and within its walls you will find amazing local treasures and authentic yucatecan food. Take a market tour with us!

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