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31 Aug

Mayan Legends

The year is begining and we are getting closer with our coworkers the old fashion style, conversating! And discussing about what we cherish most about traveling, we discovered that something we had in common was the love for the stories we gather while on the road.

It didn’t matter whether they were daring or plainly embarrassing, we had lots of fun while listening to the best anecdotes our friends had for us!

But no matter the subject all stories have a certain flavor and tonality, some more regional than others. There are some that are unique to the locals of a certain place, becoming a part of the cultural background, and showcasing the heritage of a nation through their idioms and figures. These are the stories we agreed to have the most substance above them all.

Then, the question popped. What local story would you tell a visitor about Yucatán?

These are the stories we shared:

La Xtabay

It is said that long ago, in a Mayan village of Yucatán, two sisters used to live. One of them, Xkebán (prone to impurity and sin), had a reputation for allowing herself to mundane pleasure with several companions, for which she was not cherished by the more conservative villagers. On the other hand her sister, Utzcolel (good and pure), was well known for her chastity amongst the villagers.

Such a surprise it was that behind the scenes, Xkebán devoted her time to look after wounded animals and sick and weak people, whom loved her fondly. Instead, Uztcolelwas all about selfish displays of superiority, for the feeling of people not being good enough for her.

Sure as time, the day when Xkebán passed away had to come, and after a few days people started to note her absence. When they finally found her, she was lying on the ground covered in beautiful scented flowers called Xtabentún, because of the little animals she helped took care of her corpse. So, with the help of every wounded person she cured, she was taken to the graveyard and buried. More Xtabentun flowers grew on the tombstone all year long.

Upon hearing this Utzcolel was immediately a prey of jealousy claiming that, if such flowers could blossom on such a rotten person’s tomb, there was no expectation too high on the beauty and perfume of the flowers that would blossom from her grave.

Time went by and such a day eventually came in wich Utzcolel caught up with her sister. The whole town was present at the funeral; eager to find out the charms such a body would bring, it was displayed in the open, but it quickly developed a horrible stench for which she was immediately buried and covered with flowers to reduce the smell. The day after, all of the flowers were dead and instead some new ones, similar to Xtabentúnbut with no smell, had appeared. But these flowers were on top of a very sharp cactus called Tzacam who would wound anyone who tries to touch it.

Such jealousy an outcome as this would cause in Uztcolel haunted soul that ever after she returns to the world in the shape of a young beautiful woman, who hides at the base of the Ceiba tree combing her long dark hair with a Tzucum cactus. There, she fulfills her revenge by tricking young men and seducing them as Xkebán allegedly would, and take their life in passion.

El Huay Chivo

In villages of Yucatan is common to hear different stories about this obscure entity, some people say that if you cross in the same path as him, you have to look away. By doing this, you will be fine. You would only get cold and will notice a bad smell. In the other hand, if you decide to look at it, you are going to get sick! People know this as “un mal aire” which is something similar to a spell.

It is said that Huay Chivo normally feeds on chicken and cows from local ranches, and dwells in darkness, in extensive areas of hillside and forests. There is a well-known phrase that warns every nocturnal walker to take care of this entity lover of the dark, because if you have contact with him, it will be an extremely dangerous event surrounded by evil.

In order for a warlock to obtain the ability to transform himself, it is necessary for him to perform a dark rite, in which he offers a goat. After a series of procedures, the warlock becomes half man and half animal, with this form comes out to frighten and kill animals.

There are those who narrate having seen and been affected by it, their experiences are terrifying, for good luck not many who have managed to see it. It’s not known if it is real, but it is better to prevent.

“Walker, take care when walking after midnight by the places where the Huay Chivoround, or this obscure entity can drop all its evil in you”

La Llorona

It is said to have origin since shortly before the conquest, it is a young woman in love and mother of family. They are varied versions of the story, but if they have something in common, it is their appearance, It is said that she wears a long white dress, very white despite the passage of time, She also has long hair and a veil that covers the face.

The version that most people is familiar says that there was a beautiful girl she lived in a humble village. One day she saw a handsome man in that moment, when they both look into each other eyes, felt in love.

After some time, they got marry and they had 2 children. Legend says that one day the women went to have a walk around the village with her children, when she saw her husband with another woman. That night, full of rage, she went to the river and drowned her children, killing herself after.

She was forced to be trapped between the living and spiritual worlds,damned for all eternity to look for her children, who are already in Heaven. Even in these modern days, late at night, people can hear the weep and screams of a woman calling her children: ” “Ay!…mis Hijos”…”¿Dónde están mis hijos?!” (my children! Where are my children? ).

Those who have had the misfortune to have listened to her, have related the panic that they felt when hearing so heartbreaking crying, It is said that in the state of Yucatan the site where most has been heard is in the town of Chicxulub, where they are constantly listening lamentations of women.

That’s it, see you in the next post

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