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5 Apr

Mayan Zodiac

As I have said in an earlier post, the Mayan people believed in many Gods, and that every natural phenomena that happened was provoked thanks to the will of these divinities. Mayans observed everyday how the sun gave circles to the Earth, They perfectly knew the cycles and the passing of the days, the fact that although no one person can see it or touch it, time exists and it is always present. It is reflected on the landscapes that change depending on the seasons, on the living creatures that grow, on the skin that prunes with the pass of the years and in every little thing.

Because of studying the day and night skies for years, they also knew when the longest day of the year will come, the shortest also, and even the precise date when the day and the night met and the sun and the moon kissed. They believed that with rituals and offerings they could influence in their Gods desires and avoid chaotic events, such as floods and brutal volcano activity. This constant observation made them develop the writing, and thanks to this the mathematics and the astronomy systems were created, afterwards the Mayan calendar was born.

They had 3 different calendars all compressed into one: The one of the Sun, it was named Haab and it divides itself in 18 months of 20 days, adding 5 more than remained. The 260 days calendar, it was used by the priests to make individual zodiac symbols, to determinate everything about one person; like when to get married, go to war, cultivate the earth, everything. It divided in 13 months of 20 days each, everyday has its own name. And the 365 day calendar, this was the last calendar and combined with the 2 that I mention before the Mayans named the whole cycle as the “Calendar Wheel”.

In the part of personalities, in the second calendar, depending on your day, month and year of birth there are still people and places where they tell you all about yourself just knowing this data of you. There is one animal, element or thing for every person, me personally, I am a deer, the one that is known as “Manik”, this means I love to wander around, I’m very innovative and with sharp instincts. I care for the people I love, too much. There are others, such as the monkey, the people from here is very talented in art, are social and their mind is always active; or the death, these people are open to new ideas, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, they are very practical and generous. Like this there are more! So take out your curious and archaeological side and learn all about this amazing and wise civilization, their believes and their customs.

If you’d like to visit one of the impressive Mayan sites where this people lived in ancient times, click here.

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