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5 Apr

Mexican Urban Tales

Dead returning from beyond, ghosts, evil apparitions, unexplained punishment and supernatural events, dead who raised, and many souls gruesome facts give rise to Mexican urban tales that are part of the culture nowadays around the country. Legends had its peak during the colonial era, however, in more recent times, have emerged interesting legends of Mexican terror that have become famous. Meet some of them and immerse yourself in the Mexican folklore.

La Llorona: (The weepy woman)

It is one of the most famous urban tales in Mexico. When you where children, we all read about this legend, there are many versions of what happened, as the most of the legends, but the most famous said that in Mexico City on sixteenth century some people began to hear many cries and moans of pain, many worried about it, so they went to see what was happening and they saw a woman wearing a white suit and his hair down crying throughout the city, someone followed her to see where she was going, but when she arrive to a lake, she got disappeared as if tuck into the waters. Later they investigate the origin of the woman’s story and report that there was an indigenous woman who had an affair with a Spanish gentleman who after a while had three beautiful children whom they loved and cared.

This couple kept their relationship as secret, but soon the children and women felt the need to formalize the relationship and living as an ordinary family. The Spanish gentleman was high society man and he did not want to publicize the affair as it may affect his status. So he rejected the request of the family and soon the man left the indigenous woman to marry a Spanish lady of high society. As soon as the indigenous woman knew about she got devastated by the betrayal and deceit, took her three children impulsively and she carried them to the banks of the river, hugging sharply, he sank them to drown. Then she ended her own life due to the blame for the acts he had committed.

Since that day, the cry of pain of the women in Texcoco Lake, where this happened is heard. Those who have heard the lament of pain say that they can clearly listen: Oh my children, Oh my children! Be careful maybe the Lorrona confuse you with their children!

The Huay Chivo:

“Huay Chivo” is a sorcerer who sells his soul to the devil and takes the form of a large black goat and red eyes. For a sorcerer can become is necessary to perform a dark ritual, which offers a goat, after several procedures, the sorcerer becomes half man and half animal, he scare off the people and kill animals.

It is said that if a person gets in the same way that him, should look away and they only feel an intense cold and a bad smell, but if you look at them in the eyes, a few hours will present fever and malaise.

Some recounted having seen and been affected by it, their experiences are terrifying, the good news are that not many people have seen the Huay Chivo, but while is verified or denied its existence is better to walk prevented.

The Xtabay:

The urban tale says Xtabay is a beautiful woman that usually please the traveler who ventures out at night haunting in the villages of Yucatan. She is sitting at the wins edge of a ceiba, she attract them with her singing, with sweet words of love, seduction, she bewitches them and cruelly destroyed them.

Xtabay was known as Xkeban (sinful), because she gave herself to love. The villagers despised her, but she healed the sicks, and harbored the most vulnerable people.

A bad day people saw the Xkeban out of his house. They spent days. The villagers came to his house which left a pleasant aroma. Inside they found his lifeless body on the floor thanks to which even the animals watched the lifeless body of Xkeban was preserved. The funeral was only the sick healed, the next day dawned cover his tomb beautiful flowers full of color and subtle aroma. In the tomb of the flower stems Xkeban Xtabentun. The nectar of the flower intoxicates gently as once did his love and passion.

It was so much his hatred of her sister after her death, that she became the bad Xtabay. Now she offers her love to men, which awaits in the Ceiba, combing her long hair. Then continues until it gets lure, seduces and finally kills them in the frenzy of a hellish love.

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