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24 Aug

Mixing Cereales

I am talking now about contemporary art, and by art I mean visual and musical, and by musical I mean an experimental-cool-different-funny and independent kind of musical.Their visual art relates to their singles and albums and they are mostly drawings and photographs about themselves and about the subject of their songs. These young folks, Sofía Rodríguez and Javier Alamilla (also known as Platanoplee), bring something innovative and fun to the art world, and this is really exciting! Being able to talk and tune about what is on their minds without censure, like religion, body image, deep and not so deep random subjects, also funny anecdotes and even the sad and annoying feeling of being alone in the whole wide world, while selecting humorous titles for their makings.

These combination of electronic, video game like, techno sounds can actually make you feel tangled, sad, imperturbable, happy or just alive. While I was listening to “Horror Al Vacío” I feltnostalgic, made me recall gloomy events that happened, furthermore it made me project familiar but now not to so familiar faces of people, situations and places that touched me deeply somehow; but then something changed in the harmony and I also remembered the stronger I became after dealing with all the troubles I was experimenting in that time of my life. On the other hand“Hojuelasuavecitas” left a pleasant and happy tinkle in my mind, optimistic and warm.

And even though their project is small, is keeps on growing, changing and evolving, pausing at times I’m sure but for the better. So I would describe them as a meaningful project with a third eye for introspective proposes.

In their own words, also translated to English:

“Everything is about mixing whatever you have at hand, to create broken and gummy sounds”.

Click here if you’d like to listen Mixing Cereales material and click here if you’d like to keep readingAdventures Mexico posts.

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