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5 Apr

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca de Juarez is the capital city of Oaxaca’s state and a World Heritage city. It is rich in history and culture. It is an amazing destination where you can find ancient civilizations, colonial architecture and traditions.

In the country and around the world Oaxaca is famous because of their tasty cuisine. I believe that the first thing that comes to our mind when we listen the word Oaxaca is, tlayudas, memelas, tamales, cheese, chapulines and some of us Mezcal. But the truth is that the Oaxaca food is infinite. Every school vacation I travel with family to Oaxaca and food is the thing that I desire the most and trust me I always taste something new. But my family and I want to give you a very important tip, if you want to taste real Oaxaca food; you have to eat it in local markets. Maybe you have a wrong image of markets in Mexico but let me tell you that it is not totally true. My favourite one to eat is the market of La Merced and you should eat in La Florecita. Then other important market is: 20 de Noviembre but in this one you will find all the ingredients to cook and also you can see handicrafts, it is really huge. I could pass all day talking about food but I will change the topic.

In Oaxaca’s downtown you will admire the colonial architecture; it is fantastic to see how buildings are very well preserved. Santo Domingo church and the cultural centre are pretty important and most go in downtown. You could visit the museum of the cultures, the contemporary art museum and more. While you keep walking you will arrive to the main square that is called Plaza de la Constitución or Zocalo. There you can see local people walking around, balloon vendors, musicians, performances, traditional restaurants and many, many more. Don’t forget to try Oaxaca coffee in any of the coffee shops there.

When you are in Oaxaca you have to visit archaeological sites of zapotecs civilization. The most important archaeological site is Monte Alban. I have been there many times with my family and friends, and every time I go I love it better. The second most important archaeological site is Mitla. I really like Mitla because besides visiting the zapotecs buildings, you will be able to see many handicrafts stores on the outskirts of the archaeological site.

If you want to go a little further you can visit the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, they offer off-the-beaten-path travel experience. These frozen waterfalls are natural mineral formations that have built up over thousands of years as a result of the mineral-laden water spilling over the edge of the cliff and trickling down the rocky mountain side. It is simply majestic.

Things you have to take back to home are: alebrije crafts, embroidered clothing, black mud items, chocolate, mezcal bottle and some food.

If you are interested to take a tour in Oaxaca, check what we have for you.

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