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25 Aug

Original Yucatecan Crafts

The most comfortable way to rest without heat is the Hamaca and Yucatan creates very good ones for not saying the best, durable, resistant, good size and especially with great price. The best are made of sisal (henequen) but there are also cotton and nylon. You can find them all in the downtown of Merida.

The typical Yucatecan dress is an excellent memory as well; the Guayabera and Huipil are elegant and full of tradition. You can find many shops downtown, on 60 and 59 streets with various colors and very modern designs without losing the traditional touch of these garments, so iconic of Yucatan.

The Recados are used for marinating the meat and also as a sauce, they are an excellent combination of spices all ready for use. The varieties you can find are the black Recado (burnt “país pepper” mixed with epazote, used for turkey or chicken “relleno negro”) Red Recado (annatto seeds or achiote dissolved in sour orange juice, used for chicken and pork) and Recado for tikinxic (this is used exclusively with fish and is a mixture of red recado, black recado, steak recado and laurel leaves)

The Vanilla in Yucatán is also sold at a great price (vanilla pods and natural extract). If you buy a 100ml bottle, surely you will be able to carry it in your hand luggage. You can get it on the market or in the historical center, at Ki’Xocolatl store in Santa Lucía Park, where you can also see great products made with Chocolate such as exfoliating soaps and creams.

Honey is another product which your friends and family will surely thank you for; it’s from the melipona bee, harvested by hand using Mayan methods, and since Yucatán does not accept genetically modified products (GMO) it is guaranteed 100% natural. Also, Honey never rots! And by paying a fair price for it, you are supporting thousands of people who live from this product and its derivatives. You can find honey products (soaps, candies, shampoos) at the Lucas de Galvez market in Mérida’s downtown and many other shops around town.

The Sabucán is an ecologic bag as it is made from sisal fiber and it was used on ancient times as a hunting bag or a market bag, made of coarse fiber sisal (it has a cord that crosses the shoulder to the opposite hip and settles on it). Nowadays you can find them made from thick threads for sack use, to elegant designs with painted or needlework details as decoration used for fashion and shopping by people all around the city. Also, due to its picturesque colors and sizes they’re used as decoration or souvenir bag.

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