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31 Aug

Pink Salt

I know that when you hear about pink salt, quickly your mind come up with the beneficial Himalayan salt. But guess what? That is not the only one that exists. In our country, Mexico, we either have a significant production of it and part of the Yucatan Peninsula is a paradise where is naturally and handcrafted produced.

The pink salt is obtained from kind of natural pools, these are bands that include virtually the last western section of Yucatan and the first part of the state of Campeche.

This organic salt comes mainly from the Biosphere Reserve of Ria Celestun located 80 kilometers from Merida city. Salt production in Celestun start many years ago and settled with a salt hacienda called Real de Salinas, this caused fishing and salt production became the most important activities of the place. Big volumes of foam salt, fine salt, rock salt is currently produced. The best of all is that it only needs sun, rain and wind and Celestun already have it. In the village you can buy rock salt from the region in its purest form.

Perhaps you wonder, How is it that has pink salt? Well, the pink color is due to the brine shrimp, a tiny crustacean, this one is responsible of coloring the water and sand with the pretty rose tone, also it gives flamingos their color.

What makes this even more special salt is to be done manually. The salt workers start the working day very early, in the sun and the first thing they do is remove the salt foam, which itself reaches the edge of ponds and it doesn’t need be refined. Then with a tumbrill, they take the salt ponds, which leave large grains of a pink color is allowed to dry in the sun and with the heat, the grains takes a whitish color. In the first months of the year you can see how huge amounts of salt are removed. It is a great work that is done to produce such beneficial salt.


Another advantage of this salt is the combination of salt and fresh water. You as a consumer can enjoy a slight taste better because it is perceived to better accompany food.

Then, you’ll encourage cook your favorite dishes with pink salt of the Yucatan Peninsula?

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