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31 Aug

Posadas & Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is a tradition that we live every December 25, like many people in the world. The previous day, on December 24, families have a great dinner accompanied of their loved ones; Children are excited waiting for the dawn to see the gifts that Santa Claus brought them. Nevertheless Mexico still preserve certain traditions on this special date.

Before Christmas, cannot miss the famous Posadas. Parties or celebrations that occur on Christmas eve, certainly before Christmas. Family and friends gather to celebrate the early arrival of Jesus. With my family and friends always go to someone’s home at night, we started eating the snacks, talking, drink hot chocolate and when everyone are ready we start singing religious songs at the entrance of the home, some people must be outside and others inside. It is a representation of Mary and Joseph asking for shelter in the home of an unknown family for the child Jesus to be born. When we finish it we go back to the house and here starts my favorite part because we turn on the Bengal light, break a piñata and finally eating! The exquisite dinner has to be accompanied with a fruit punch or wine night and we continue enjoying all night long with your loved ones.

For Christmas, we use to spend the day in family and close friends. In my case, every Christmas I spend it in Oaxaca with my parents, grandparents, cousins and uncles. All prepare something delicious for Christmas dinner. For example in the table can’t miss cod, turkey, Christmas salad with apple, rosemary potatoes, chocolate atole and your fruit punch.

I love this time, because that’s when I can enjoy my whole family, because I have the opportunity to see all my cousins, uncles and grandparents gathered and we are grateful for the love that we have received and blessings as well. I love watching my little cousins running around and throwing rockets outside the house of course with “adult supervision” and ending the night, the only thing that you are worry about when you’re little, are the gifts that Santa Claus will bring to you. I remember well that the next day I used to get up very early, as ever, I used to run with my sisters to see the gifts and instantly we used to start playing and also our fathers.

Christmas in Mexico is simply very special and magical. If you want to spend these times in this beautiful country. Look our options.

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