Privacy Policy


Your privacy and trust are very important for us in ADVENTURES MEXICO. Therefore we want to make sure you know how we keep the integrity, privacy and protect your personal information, according to the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en posesión de Particulares (Federal Law of Protection of the Personal Information held by a Company), published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación the day 5th of July in year 2010.

For ADVENTURES MEXICO the gathering of personal information is needed to perform certain activities related to tourism. ADVENTURES MEXICO has the legal and social obligation to take legal measures to safely protect the personal information we collected for the objectives described in the following Privacy Policy.

We take these measures with the purpose that you have control and decision about your personal information. Because of that we strongly recommend you to read carefully the following information. You will have this policy available at all times in our website:

In case we need to do any modification to this Privacy Policy you will be acknowledged through the procedures described earlier in the document.

Responsible information

ADVENTURES MEXICO – LUIS ARTURO HERRERA ALBERTOS, in the following described as “the agency” is a company created according to the law ruling in Estados Unidos Mexicanos with the known address in Calle 10 #374C, Pedregales de Tanlum, Mérida, Yucatán, México.

Personal Information
The agency will collect from your Personal Information necessary to deliver adequately our professional services. Such Personal Information includes the following:
1) ID Information: Full name, sex, address, home telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, passport number, place and date of birth, age, relatives name.
2) Work Information: address, work telephone number, e-mail address.
We commit that all the information will be treated under strict safety measures guaranteeing its confidentiality.

Goals for Personal Information Treatment The personal information you have provided us with will be used for the following goals:
• The performance of the services related to the sale of pleasure or business travels, including the processes of reservations, outsourced services with touristic providers, as well as the billing, charging and elaboration of travellers’ profiles.
• The creation and application of analytical and statistical processes needed for the performance of the services related to pleasure or business travels.
• The performance of any activity complementary or auxiliary needed for the pleasure or business travelling services.
• Do consults, research, and revisions in relation to your complaints and reclamations.
• Contact you for anything related to the pleasure or business travelling services, or this Privacy Policy.
• Evaluate the quality of the service provided, and in general, to fulfill the obligations we have with you.

Personal Information Transference
ADVENTURES MEXICO requires transferring your Personal Information in order of need to provide services along the República Mexicana.
The agency complies to see that all the legal principles of protection are used during the transference of your personal information. Also the agency will make sure that all of our commercial partners, as well as us, respect this Privacy Policy.
In the sense the agency is informing you that in order to perform any services we will transfer your personal information to:
• Our commercial partners, for them to manage and operate the complementary services; such as hotels and other tour operators;
• All the third parties, who provide an auxiliary or complementary service, with the intention that they provide the Service; and
• External consultants for managing billing related to the Service and to defend the agency in any legal controversy that might came up; such as billing agencies and/or external legal and accountant auditors.

Changes in this Privacy Policy
Any substantial/major/ or total change that is performed in this Privacy Policy can be made by the agency through our website

Special Unit for Public Attention
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