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31 Aug

Rosca de Reyes (King’s Bread)

This January 6th will be many mexican families celebrating the Reyes Magos day, the children will be waiting their toys and specially the most important is that all are going to be eating the traditional and delicious Rosca de Reyes. Don’t forget to accompany it with hot chocolate.

I proclaim myself a Rosca de Reyes lover, so I have to tell you what is made of. This Rosca is made from a sweet dough, among other ingredients, has an oval shape and is garnished with slices of crystallized fruit, candied or crystallized in various colors and has several plastic baby Jesus hidden inside the bread. The tradition is that if you find the baby Jesus on your piece of bread you have to prepare your tamales for the Candelaria’s day that is celebrate it on February 02nd. This day refers to the appearance of the Candelaria’s virgin in Spain, as you know this is part of christian celebration so we do it big. Maybe you wonder why tamales? Well it’s simple, because it’s a spoil and because is made from corn and it is the most important ingredient for the ancient civilizations and also for nowadays population!a

I like to be lucky finding the baby Jesus in my piece of bread but sometimes I hide it from the others because I don’t want to take tamales for the Candelaria’s Day, but don’t tell anyone!

The origin of the Rosca is mainly religious and totally related with the three Reyes Magos. The circular bread’s form symbolizes the love of God, which has no beginning and no end; crystallized fruits represent the grace brought by Jesus Christ, although others said they are the jewels of the kings that means love, peace and happiness. The figure of the baby Jesus, which was previously made of porcelain and now is plastic to withstand the heat and that it remains hidden inside the bread symbolizes when Mary and Joseph hid Jesus from King Herod who ordered the killing of all young children when she learned that he was born the ‘ King of Kings ‘.

Enjoy the Rosca de Reyes while you visit a beautiful city.

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