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31 Aug

Speleology in the cenotes of Yucatan Peninsula

The mayority of the persons that practice this activity do it with an academic finality, to explore, with the propose of study and discover this impressive bodies of water deeply. Since its origins, the reason of them shapes, about their present, the color of the waters, the many creatures that live within them, their different deeps, even the significance they had for the ancient Mayan civilization and for us nowadays in the today world . That is mainly about tourism and water for little “pueblos” to have water for their own use.

Speleologyis the scientific word with which the study of different land formations is known, in Yucatán it forms part of the Archaeology career. I consider it a natural and beautiful way to feel beyond ourselves as people and more as just living creatures.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a zone which is filled with this kinds of formations. This is because of the type of rock we have that allows the water that lands in the surface to filtrate thought the ground and create this beauties.

After years of study and important research we now know without a doubt that the first people who discovered this formations were the Mayans, they used to see this places as sacred and use their waters for their own consummation and divine cults. Inside them the researchers have found many objects that were used by this civilization. Of this formations there exists lots of tales and stories that you can still hear in the towns near by. Other cenotes don’t have any stories but they have so much beauty is amazing, every one of them being special for their own thing.

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