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Strathcona – Tweedsmuir School Spanish Immersion







“I demolished my bridges behind me – then there is no choice but forward”.

–  Fridtjof Nansen


Departure: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Destination: Mexico City, Mexico



Say yes to advendure!

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When was the last time you decided to do something outside from your comfort zone?

At the beginning of 2019 I set as a new year’s resolution to do something new or that makes me feel uncomfortable at least once a month. So far, many great things had happened! Take my word on this, when you push your boundaries, amazing things will happen. If you don’t believe me, take this group of middle schoolers as an example. Experience through this article, The Strathcona – Tweedsmuir School Spanish Immersion Program in Mexico City.


I wasn’t nervous, they were nervous… Right?

Source: stsroundsquare/instagram

What happens when you put a group of 13-year-old students in a plane to Mexico? – I know what you might be thinking. At the beginning I was a bit nervous, but they made it very easy for me to discover, learn and enjoy on this adventure!

These kids were champs! After a long day catching planes, long lines at the airports, they arrived in Mexico City with a dose of excitement that would remain to the very end of the trip.

If you ask me how many days you’ll need to discover Mexico City, I wouldn’t know what to say. It simply has so many things awaiting to be discovered! I spend one week with the group and it was barely enough time to get a glimpse of the Mexican culture.


Tolerance is the key to discover a new world

To go beyond your comfort zone, you need to strip from your prejudices and embrace the growth process. An excellent place to start doing it, is in the Museum of Memory and Tolerance where the students where able to remember our past as humanity, rethink our present, and look forward with a renew optimism.


Entrance of Museo de la Memoria y Tolerancia. Source: stsroundsquare/instagram


There is so much more than Taco Bell

If you’re thinking Mexican food is hard shell tacos and burritos; you, my friend, are wrong. We don’t even have Taco Bell – it didn’t work out for them here. Sorry Taco Bell! Our gastronomy has something for all tastes. From the classic enchiladas to the savory snacks such as chapulines (toasted crickets). Speaking of, these youngsters surprised me with their fondness of chapulines! At first, they were skeptical about trying them, but curiosity won at the end to indulge in the crispiness of the crickets.


Put yourself in Mexican shoes and speak Spanish

When you travel, you meet people whom will have an influence in your life. By talking with someone with a different background as yours, you can for a tiny moment, put yourself in the shoes of the other and see the world in a different unique way. Appreciate those differences is like adding more colors to our sight. At the end of the journey, we get this beautiful and colorful picture, the world we live in.

The students had the opportunity to practice their Spanish and make new friends with local students. I felt so grateful to be part of that moment and to help them have a safe environment where they were able to talk, learn and understand more about our culture. Many thanks to Kent Middle School for giving us such a warm welcoming and sharing with us some delicious churros!


Kent Middle School, Mexico City


Strathcona – Tweedsmuir School Spanish Immersion Program: the Outdoor education you need!

Even though Mexico is a country vast and diverse, Mexico City is the place where you can get a taste of a beautiful diversity and juxtaposition of elements that make you fall in love the country. Thus, it’s one of the best places to experience and understand the importance of tolerance, empathy and respect towards what its different from you.


Strathcona – TweedsMuir School, Mexico City 2019



If you are interested in how you can provide your students with a life changing experience, check out some examples of the itineraries we can design for your group. This was Strathcona – Tweedsmuir School Spanish Immersion Program in Mexico City. As they believe, you can also find knowledge outside the classroom.


This was Laura, your Mexico’s insider. Till next time,

“Say yes to adventure!”




Written by Laura Pérez

Edited by Thelma Osorio

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