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5 Apr

The equinox (Chichen Itza and Dzibichaltun)

Mayans knew about this event very well. The equinox is the moment of the year when daytime and night have approximately equal duration around the world, excepting poles. The phenomenon occurs twice a year; around March 21st and September 21st and this event indicate a new season coming.

Chichen Itzá and Dzibichaltún are the achaeological sites where you can admire the phenomenon of equinox and every year, tourists from all over the world arrive to watch it. This year the autumn equinox will be on September 23rd.

The Kukulcan Pyramid (Kukulcan means snake in plumes) is located in the center of the mayan site and it is the protagonist of the representative equinox.

When the sunlights hit the pyramid produces an amazing lights and shadows show. They form triangles of light, cast by the nine bodies or platforms on the temple. Shadow gradually go forward until arrives to the snake head figure that is located at the bottom of the balustrade. According to researchers, this effect symbolizes the descent of the god Kukulcan to land, in order to start the new agricultural cycle.

This buildings were not created by coincidence, rather they were built based in their mathematic, geometry, religious and astronomy knowledge.

As you read before, Chichen Itza is not the only setting where you are able to look the equinox. We have the archaeological site of Dzibichaltun as well. You can observe the phenomenon on the pyramid of “Las 7 muñecas”. Reaserchers believe that this pyramid were used as an astronomical observatory. In this pyramid you will have the opportunity to look the equinox in a different way than Chichen Itza does. The door of the “Las 7 muñecas” temple is iluminated with the glare of the sun that shows up on the horizon, up to the point where sunlight is on the center of the door and make a majestic spectacle of light and shadow.

If you are decided to go to Chichen Itza equinox, the way you can arrive is by bus in Merida or Cancun, also you can take a private car or contact with a travel agent. For Dzibichaltun site, the easiest way to arrive is with private transfers and by travel agents, we don’t recommend you public transportation since this would leave you in a nearby town called Chablekal and you would have to take a local pedicab to the archeological site.

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