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31 Aug

Top Things to do in Mexico city!

Mexico city is considered the cultural capital of Latin America and yes, yes it is, you can feel it with your five senses. Also is one of the largest cities and most densely populated in the world, so to cross it will take you a while.

Its colorful legacy of art and architecture has made of it the perfect place to travel. Once you give a step here, it will be difficult to leave and to forget Mexico!

We will start with prehispanic Teotihuacan pyramid, it’s one of the largest archaeological sites in Mexico and the empire’s capital of the Mexica culture.

Chapultepec Forest is consider the lung of the city. Many local people come here relax. It has many green areas and cultural spaces. Such as Chapultpec’s Castle, the National Museum of History, the Chapultepec’s Zoo, Modern Art Museum and the one you can’t miss…

The Anthropology Museum: This incredible museum counts with 23 themed halls dedicated to ancient civilizations like aztecs, mayans, zapotecs and others; the most popular piece is the “aztec calendar”. Also the its architecture is amazing and there are many beautiful gardens.

The Bellas Artes Palace is a concert hall and art center with huge murals of world famous mexican artists. Now house of the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Dance Company, the Opera of Bellas Artes and the Chamber Orchestra of Fine Arts.

The magic neighborhood of Coyoacán is located in the south of Mexico city. This place exhales peacefulness with its plenty vegetation and cultural ambiance. Besides here is the Frida Kahlo andDiego Rivera’s home.

Arena Mexico City: The most important, comfortable, modern and secure enclosure of America. It has been the setting of countless occasions, like concerts, sport events, theater plays, and other conventions. You can’t miss Lucha Libre in this exciting place!

Zocalo Plaza de la Constitución has an important meaning for the culture of Mexico. Seat of political, economic and religious power of Mexico, as well it’s a place where indigenous and colonial past are mixed.

Playlist inspired in Mexico city

“Chilangolandia” & “ADO” – El Tri & Alex Lora

“Mi ciudad” – Guadalupe Trigo

“Distrito Federal” – Auténticos Decadentes

“El tlatoni del barrio” & “Madrugal“ – Café Tacvba

“Por las calles de México” – Sonora Santanera

“Los agachados” – Tin Tan

“Mexico City” – Insane Clown Posse

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