Join us at this excursion and experience this amazing archaeological site! Chichen Itza was a sacred site and one of the greatest Mayan cities of the Yucatán peninsula.

/ per person
7 hrs. Approximately.

Be in contact with nature and learn about the importance of wildlife. Swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of Yucatan and visit the Pink Flamingo Reserve which houses other native birds.

/ per person
7 hrs. Approximately.

You will have a unique tour today, riding a horse-driven wagon and stopping at 3 different cenotes. Each one is different due to the way it was formed.

/ per person
8-9 hrs. approximately.

Cholula and Puebla are two of the most amazing and quaint towns in Mexico. Puebla is famous for its pottery work, gastronomy, architecture, and legends. Cholula is famous for having the pyramid with the biggest base in the world, and for the myth of having over 365 churches.

65 USD / per person
10 hrs. Approximately.

If you are a nature lover and are looking for a unique adventure, this tour is for you! Join us in a bus ride to Progreso Beach where we will visit a local cooperative run by Mayan women.

59 USD / per person
5 hrs. Approximately.

Walk with us to discover the local gems of the historic center of the City and get to know the streets as a local!

29 USD / per person

Uxmal and Kabah are the most representative archaeological sites along the Pucc Route. During this tour you'll get to admire the detailed artwork in the structures of this particular building style, Puuc Mayan.

53 USD / per person
7-8 hrs. Approximately.

Your first stop will be at the Guadalupe Basilica, where you will see many Mexicans visiting the Holy Virgin, the most important religious icon of México.

49 USD / per person
8 - 9 hrs. Approximately.