1090 USD per person

Please note this price is based on 10 travelers. It applies only on this particular itinerary with all the inclusions and details written below, and on specific seasons of the year. If you want to make any change or suggest your own itinerary, please contact us for more information. We can customize any itinerary for you adapting us to your requirements and giving you a very unique experience.


Mexico is known to have a strong culinary tradition that is as diverse as its geographic territory. This journey will take you to Southeast Mexico to the Yucatan State. There you will find smoky flavors, the fiery habaneros and the sweet aromas of banana leaves.  You will feel in food heaven! In this Gastronomic Tour in Yucatan, you will sample popular Mexican food and discover the authentic Maya cuisine, a craft brewery, ancestral culinary methods and much more!

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9 days, 8 nights
  • Departure
    Merida, Yucatan
  • Departure Time
    According to your schedule
Day 1 Welcome to Merida
Welcome to Merida City! Today after your arrival your Tour Leader will be waiting for you at the airport, the driver will take you to the hotel so you can settle in and have the rest of the day to wander the streets to discover the nearby places on your own. Finish the day with a unique welcome dinner.
Day 2 Street Food Tour + Merida City Tour
Today, you will discover the colorful streets of Merida where you will be marveled at the architecture, learn about its history and of course, discover the traditional local Mexican food! One of the best places to get an insight of the authentic street food is Merida’s market, Lucas de Galvez. Here, the colors, aromas, flavors and music will awaken your senses and leave you with a great sense of wonder about Yucatecan food and its history.
Day 3 Spice Factory – Brewery – Lunch at Pueblo Pibil
Yucatecan cuisine is famous for its rich flavors and combination of spices. Today, you will go behind the scenes and discover many different types of spice blends and learn about their production process. After visiting the factory, nothing feels better than drinking a cold beer (or as Yucatecans say “un par de muertas”) from one of the local craft breweries. Finally, you will enjoy a delicious yucatecan lunch at Pueblo Pibil. This restaurant is famous because of its traditional mayan cooking style. Here, you will eat food prepared with a millinery cooking technique called “pib” that consist of building a natural oven on the ground, which to this day still holds a significant value amongst the Mayas.
Day 4 Uxmal – Chocolate Museum – Muna Market
Today you will take a step back in time and discover Uxmal archeological site. This ancient Mayan city was one of the most important pre-Hispanic capitals, as well as the best expression of Puuc architectural style. Then, you will visit a Chocolate Museum to learn about the Mayas and their connection with nature and the importance of cacao. It´s lunch time! Now, you will visit Muna, a small town where you’ll try local dishes at the local market. Before going back to Merida, you will make a quick visit to “El Mirador de Muna”, located on the highest hill in Yucatán, from which you can observe the beautiful Mayan jungle, and enjoy a magnificent view of the Uxmal pyramid on the background.
Day 5 Breakfast at Motul – Río Lagartos – Valladolid
Today you will have breakfast at Motul, where the famous “huevos motuleños” were created. This delicious breakfast made with fried tortillas, a layer of beans and fried eggs topped with tomato sauce with a hint of habanero, diced ham, peas and fried plantain make it one of the Yucatecan breakfast favorites! After breakfast, you will hit the road to the coast and discover the well-kept mangroves of Rio Lagartos having a delicious seafood lunch afterwards. Later that afternoon you will arrive to the colonial town of Valladolid where you will check in at your hotel and relax from a day full of adventures.
Day 6 Izamal – Yokdzonot – Valladolid
Today you will visit Izamal, also known as the “Yellow City” or the “City of the Three Cultures”. Here is where the pre-Hispanic origin, the imprint of a colonial past and the Mayas of today meet! Discover the Pyramids, the convent and the plazas. Afterwards, you can refresh yourself in the clear blue waters of a beautiful cenote. If you are up for the adventure you can zip-line and rappel on your own or just take a moment to relax and embrace nature. After lunch, you will return to you hotel in Valladolid.
Day 7 Tequila Factory – Temozon Smokehouse – Kaua – Mérida
Today you will learn about the art of tequila making at a Tequila Factory in Valladolid. After a tequila tasting, you will visit Temozon town, famous for its smoked steaks. Discover the smokehouses and learn traditional techniques to make this mouthwatering dish. Are you hungry yet? Well, then you will definitely want to have lunch in a small rustic restaurant that is very popular amongst the locals. Finally, you will return to Merida and check in at your hotel.
Day 8 Cooking Class and free Afternoon – Farewell Dinner
Today is your last full day in Merida. This day, you will feel as a student of a Mexican cooking school. In the morning, you will visit the local market to buy all the ingredients you will need to cook a yucatecan dish. After the shopping, you will go to a local house to have a traditional home-cooking lunch and learn the secrets of Yucatecan cuisine. In the afternoon, you will have free time to go back to your favorite spots or discover new ones on your own. At night, you will enjoy a farewell dinner at Rosas & Xocolate Hotel Boutique.
Day 9 Hasta Pronto Mexico!
Your adventure has come to an end but the memories of a great Yucatan trip will stay with you forever. After breakfast, your driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Merida’s International Airport where you will say goodbye to your Tour Leader and take your flight back home. See you soon Mexico!