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5 Apr

What are Caves and Cenotes in Yucatán?

The cenote word comes from maya ts’ono’ot o d’zonot  it means “cave with water” this make reference to any underground space with water but open to exterior in some point. This are formed by the dissolution of limestone because the lightly acid water. When the rain filtered into the limestones, its dissolves it in a thousand years process. 1 1 The caves are ducts caused by erosion of water streams, these ones put together the underground water and make ponds, some of them deep, and those are the Cenotes. There are many kinds of cenotes: open skies, semi open, or underground or in caves. 1 1 In some of them the mayas had some human sacrifices or animal sacrifices like a tribute to their gods, it also throw away some pottery and jewelry to the bottom like offering in religious rituals. 1 1 In the warm weather like in Yucatan, the cenotes are like oasis in which the visitors can refresh and enjoy of these aquifers bodies unique in the world, they are a natural beauty you can´t miss during your visit for Yucatán.

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