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25 Aug

What to visit in Merida? Recommendations

Surely when you get to Merida City, the first question you have in mind is which places should I visit so I don’t miss a thing while I’m here? Well I will help you with that so take a paper and a pen and take note of this tips I will give you.

I always recommend visiting historical places because you probably won’t have the opportunity to travel again to the same place most of all if you are very far from home from so if for you returning back to Merida is very complicated, you have to be conscious this is your opportunity to see it all!

Chichén Itza is a MUST here in Yucatan, is one of the world wonders and definitely a cultural point you need to visit because you will understand more about our people, our traditions and our believes.

Another place you need to visit is Uxmal & kabah, is less crowded but touristic a beautiful place, with tons of history.

Definitely you should visit a Cenote. For Yucatecan people are like an oasis in the middle of the dessert during the hot season. Clean water, great temperature and some of them has extra activities like zip line. It’s a great Adventure.

Going to Celestun is a nice getaway from the city, I mean, you are in the shore with tons of sea food, and going to see the flamingos is a great activity during the autumn and winter or in spring and summer they are in Rio Lagartos.

Talking about Experiences if you are a foodie, going through the market with a guide who actually knows what to do, what to buy, which way to go, what the name of the fruit are, is a great way to spend your time, besides prepare your meal with local ingredients in a host house with authentic recipes and secrets are invaluable we recommend the Taste of Yucatan Merida Cooking Class.

If what you look for is a walking still interesting tour I Recommend you the tour through the cathedral of Merida in 60 St. is offered on Saturday in 2 schedules, 10 am for foreign tourist and 4 pm for national tourist the donative for the church is 30 pesos for Mexicans and 50 for foreign tourist. They visit passageways, the majestic choir and organ, the north tower, the belfry, the roof and the sundial. Is such an adventure!

Regarding about food I always recommend the most romantic place in merida, Santa Lucias Park at 60 x 55 there are plenty of restaurants there not all Mexican food but they are delicious and amazing, you can find from a coffee to a nice filet, definitely a place you must visit. Also I recommend Oliva is located in 56 and 49 is such and amazing place with excellent food and wine and It reminds me a little restaurant in NY amazing food and a great place to relax.

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