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31 Aug

Why people love Merida’s ambiance?

Merida has a je ne sais quoi that all people who visit it fall in love with the vibes that the city has.

May be you are asking what is special in Merida, what is in it that many people want to moved on and live there for the rest of their lifes there?

We will show you some opinions of travelers from all around the world that express their experience in this magic city.

First of all Mérida is a destination to live in rather than visit, even if that’s just for a few days. –Condé Nast Traveller. I agree with it because I am originally from Chiapas, not Mérida and five years ago I decided to come here and now it is very difficult for me to leave the city.

It’s consider a Cultural capital, events happening just about every night somewhere in the downtown area. The seven days of the week has an event of traditional culture such as orchestras playing some kumbia, performances, folkloric dances and more, besides it’s complemented with museums, art galleries, cultural centres and theatres.

The Colonial architecture is so alive, it’s reflected especially in Paseo Montejo avenue and downtown. You will see huge houses that belong to the Conquest era and to have the best setting you will be able to see white horse-drawn carriages gaudily decorated with lurid fake flowers walking down the main streets of downtown.

Merida is not packed in visitors as other touristic cities of Mexico, it makes it peacefully walkable and enjoyable.

The main square is always packed with not just tourists and vendors, but locals hanging out, that will give you the chance to watch and learn more about how yucatecan people really are.

Talking about people, yucatecans are characterized by their warmness and by their unique and funny accent; actually it’s very different to the rest of the Mexican states, it’s just a matter to realize that you’ve picked up the yucatecan accent.

Enough modern and enough traditional. It’s the perfect balance between the past and future, because in the first glance you see a colonial city but also it’s a modern city that now is having a great technological development.

A very important reason to love Merida is that is one of the savest cities in Mexico and that’s significant fact when you are traveling because you want to spend happy and calmed days throuhgout and Merida gives this sensation of reliability.

You can still looking people in the streets wearing their colorful native dresses, that’s amazing, they love their roots and culture and we have to mention that the hipil (regional women dress) is very fresh.
There is an incredible variety of places to eat around the whole city. From traditional markets to specialty restaurants. You never finish visiting restaurants here.

In conclusion people’s favorite place to live a relaxed and interesting life or days and to see your children growing happy.
Don’t lose the chance to visit this city and verify by yourself if all this facts are true. Check our tours in Merida here.

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